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The Alice Springs Steiner School is a 10-minute drive from the small town of Alice Springs located in Central Australia. The extensive grounds are surrounded by bush as well as the beautiful and impressive views of the MacDonnell Ranges.

The school is founded on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner and was established by a group of enthusiastic parents in 1996.

The Alice Springs Steiner School offers a high standard of kindergarten, primary and middle school education.  The school currently caters for children from playgroup to class 8 with designated areas for Pre-school Transition, Primary and Middle School students.

The Alice Springs Steiner School has an enthusiastic, active and highly involved parent and teacher group. A flourishing and dynamic Steiner inspired curriculum; a bountiful bio dynamic vegetable garden alongside a basketball court, soccer field, and playground.

Each class and classroom is unique, colorful and decorated with nature, the student’s works of art and craft. Class sizes are small and the children are cared for and nurtured for as individuals. Music rings throughout the school on a daily basis, and there is an atmosphere of happiness and creativity.

The philosophy at The Alice Springs Steiner School is to educate the whole person intellectually, artistically, socially and morally, so as to develop each student’s innate self-discipline and strength of body and will.

The school nurtures a rich and welcoming community life which includes the annual Autumn Fair, seasonal festivals, craft groups, specialist committees, playgroups, lectures, workshops and other activities suitable for all members of school families.

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The Alice Springs Steiner School location