The Alice Springs Steiner School has a commitment to these values:

  • Keeping the child at the heart of all we do
  • Educating the evolving child through love and protecting the integrity of childhood
  • To maintain transparency in all we do
  • Fostering a love of learning and the pursuit of truth.
  • Striving toward a collaborative relationship between home and school that supports the child’s development.
  • To be accountable and use evidence-based approaches
  • A comprehensive curriculum, which develops the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual potential of each child.
  • Maintaining a distinct curriculum that reflects the major developmental stages of children
  • Fostering respect and care for one another and the environment.
  • Striving to overcome racial, sexual and other forms of prejudice, and working positively in the community both socially and in the natural world.
  • Meeting teachers’ needs for professional and personal development.
  • Making teachers part of a responsible, accountable and collaborative management system.
  • To promote sustainability
  • To celebrate what makes our approach to education and life unique
  • To remain authentic to our beliefs and approach

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