School Council

The Council is the body legally responsible for the school. The good governance of the School is one of the Board’s primary tasks.

There is an Annual General Meeting held in the first ¼ of each year at which new members are elected to serve the company. Members are elected to the Board by the members of the Association. The Board meets fortnightly to monthly and consists of 9 members.

Information from the School Council, the Constitution and GOVERNING BODY OF TASSA


The School Principal and administration people work closely together and are responsible for the overall, every day operational management and support required in the school. They are in the School Office and contactable throughout the day.


The School Staff is responsible for educational matters and philosophical and pedagogic impulse of the school. The Teachers ensures that the School adheres to and works within the educational indications described by Rudolf Steiner. The work of the Teachers is central to our School’s ethos. A list of our staff at TASSS is here.

TASSA (The Alice Springs Steiner School Association)

If you wish to become a member of the TASSA Association, you will need to come to the office to collect an application form – and you will need to be seconded by a current member. We welcome involvement and feedback from all members of the school. A member of TASSA can become a Council member after 12 months of being a TASSA member.

Land and Buildings Sub-Committee

Sub-Committees do not have decision making power, being tasked instead to make recommendations to the Governing Body to assist it in making decisions. The TASSA Constitution and the Governing Body Sub-Committee Terms of Reference can be viewed on our website or from our Office. If you are interested in becoming a Sub-Committee member please contact our Business Manager. If you are interested in becoming a Governing Body member please talk to the Chairman, or Principal.