The parents and families of the children that attend The Alice Springs Steiner School play a vital role in the school.

Parents/carers participate in the life of the school in many ways and forms.

Some of these may include:

  • Parents/carers can become members of the council or governing body of the school after they have been members for 12 months.
  • Parents/carers may be part of subcommittees or task groups that are formed from time to time
  • Parents/carers can participate in many class activities such as craft, school camps, fundraising, assisting in class and excursions.
  • Parents/cares attend class meetings in the 3rd week of each term where they can learn more about, and experience the curriculum and class activities their child/ren are undertaking, discuss and share ideas and ask any questions they may have
  • Attend parent/teacher interviews to discuss the specific progress of their child/ren
  • Participate in school working bees and fundraising activities such as catering at functions, concerts, craft stalls
  • Organise and coordinate the annual Autumn Fair. Each class has a specific role or stall to organise and be rostered on, and there is a committee formed each year to coordinate the fair which is the schools biggest fundraising event
Being involved in the school’s community is a great way to meet like-minded and interesting people and Alice Springs Steiner School prides itself on its great sense of Community spirit

Every parent/carer automatically becomes a member of TASSA (The Alice Springs Steiner School Association) once their child attends the school.

Communication with members of TASSA is usually through the weekly newsletter that is distributed to each family electronically or via paper form each week

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