Festivals and Events


There is something fundamental in communities about sharing. Sharing the joys and the sorrows, sharing the work and the rewards, sharing the energy. Some of the things we need to share are sometimes seen as negative or draining; like responsibilities, meetings, decision making, working bees, various “demands” the school makes on us. But an amazing thing can happen when we share in the ‘work’; the process of sharing can actually result in us having more energy at the end than we had at the start!”

– Chris Shilton, School Council Chairperson, 2004.

Our school is a growing independent school that has been established and is run by a group of committed parents and teachers.

Parents put a lot of effort into fundraising activities such as class assistance, working bees, publicity, gardening, maintenance, council or committee work.

The Alice Springs Steiner School has regular events throughout the year, including:

  • Open Days
  • Discussion and information evenings with inspirational speakers
  • Festivals at the end of each term
  • Seasonal School Fairs
  • Catering at major Alice Springs events
  • Garden workshops

These events are as much about building friendships and a sense of community as fund-raising and opportunities to speak with teachers and committee members.


The Autumn Fair is held at the end of May each year and is the school’s major fundraiser of the year. It is run and organized by the parents of the school and is a major event on the Alice Springs calendar. People flock to the school grounds to enjoy the fabulous food, massive lawn sale, the plants, live music, crafts all handmade by families and friends of the Steiner School, children’s activities such as a giant maze, bow and arrow shooting, camel rides, wheelbarrow rides, stalls and in general, the wonderful ambiance of the school grounds.

Each year the organizing committee, made up of some fabulous, energetic families, allocate various activities to each class. Fruits are made into jams and marmalades, pickles are bottled, cakes are baked and many, many fingers busily start on craft projects that make a stunning, and often sold out craft stall.


Both the early childhood/kindergarten area and the primary school celebrate a number of festivals throughout the year, and the events are enjoyed by all families and members of The Alice Springs Steiner School. The celebration of the seasonal Festivals is an enriching part of the school’s cultural and community life and thoroughly. Through art, music, story and poetry, the children are helped to identify and recognise the changing rhythms of the earth.


The School boasts a magnificent vegetable garden that provides produce all year round. All produce is grown biodynamically and organically.

Each primary school class is involved and active in the garden, and produce is sold both at the schools market garden and to the local community. The school children are involved with the sale of their produce, and the funds are put back into their classrooms.

The School has a part-time garden and grounds maintenance person whose knowledge and skills are passed onto the children as part of the curriculum.

There are workshops and opportunities for parent involvement in the garden various times throughout the year and helping hands in the garden are warmly welcomed


Throughout the year members of TASSA and/or classes get together to cater for some major events such as the Alice Springs festival, Eco Fair, a 1/2 Marathon and various other events held in and around Alice Springs.


The working bees are great social events. Usually, parents come for several hours to use their muscles and enjoy a hot/cold drink and cakes. The results are remarkable and the improvements to the aesthetic nature of buildings and natural environment are a testimony to the value of working bees to the school.

Voluntary work for the school has also provided many an opportunity for people to make newer or deeper friendships within the school community and for the children to enjoy their parent’s involvement with the place they spend such a significant part of their days.

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