Music is an integral part of the Steiner curriculum.

Music is an important form of expression and is integrated into everyday activities at the school as part of greeting, stories, lessons, festivities and recreational activities.
Singing is a part of every day from Kindergarten through to Class 6. From Class 1 the children begin to mirror the voice learning simple pentatonic tunes on the recorder and in Class 3 the descant instrument is learned.

In Classes 3 & 4 learning is still by ear in conjunction with known songs. Simple rounds begin, which brings an introduction to harmony. At this stage, the main lesson in music reading introduces children to more formal musical education.

From Class 3 onwards all students learn a stringed instrument – violin, viola or cello. The school offers stringed instrument tuition from an accredited teacher. Orchestral strings do not have frets, therefore, they fine-tune a child’s ear for perfect pitch. After 12-18 months of individual lessons, the children have the opportunity to join an ensemble.

There is a choice of two student Orchestras; a junior and senior strings groups. The senior group performs at community events and functions and also hosts a smaller chamber group.

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