A bio-dynamic vegetable garden was established at the school in 2005.

It consists of eight raised rectangular no-dig beds that radiate from the centre of the garden like the rays of the sun. The beds have been designed to be water efficient using liners and drip irrigation.

Biodynamic preparation 500, a holistic and organic fertilizer, has been used on the beds, as has compost made with compost preparations 502-507. This Garden won the Best School Garden Category in 2005 ABC Centralian Garden Competition.

Each class is responsible for planting, tending and harvesting one or more of the beds. As agriculture is a major theme in Class 3/4, children in this class are responsible for more beds than children in other classes.

On Tuesday the Class 6 students hold a “Produce Market”, which they use their numerical skills to sell seasonal fruit, veggies, plants and herbs to the parents at pick-up time.

Much of what is harvested from the “bumper” crops are distributed to families of the school, used in class cooking activities and sold through the school and community.

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