Curriculum Class 3 & 4

Class 3

  • The literature of Genesis, Hebrew myths and legends: building language, artistic and writing skills
  • Prophets, Kings and Judges: stories from the bible
  • Humanity on earth: practical activities, maths and nature studies in house-building, farming and gardening
  • History of weight, measure and money: the maths of practical life
  • Homonyms, word families and the mysteries of spelling

Class 4

  • Human and animal: the animal kingdom as a whole in relation to the human being
  • Selected literature from Northern epics: Beowulf, Kalevala, Norse Eddas
  • History, geography and industry in the local environment
  • Imaginative fractions and maths
  • Making distinctions: grammar and the parts of speech, cursive writing
  • Music reading
  • Aboriginal culture

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