Primary School

Our Primary School program follows the Steiner Education guiding principal, that child development follows a universal pattern therefore we educate to the child’s thinking capacity, their emotional needs and their physical needs according, as a developing human being.

Our program seeks to discover each child’s academic, social, physical, and artistic natural gifts. At the heart of Steiner education, is the belief that education is an artistic process, and we show the children to approach their work with beauty and love, creating lifelong learners.

A central pillar of Steiner education is the class teacher. The same teacher will often follow the class from year to year, becoming a type of guardian, building a life-long bond with each child. This enables the teacher to shape the curriculum and daily lessons around the strengths and weaknesses of the group that are unique and growing up.

One of Steiner education most distinguishing and successful features is the Main Lesson, a one-to-two-hour block at the start of each day, where the class teacher instructs the class through song, poetry, mathematics, or English exercises, and orates a story or a segment of history.  For 4-6 weeks, the students focus deeply on one subject, such as geography, history, Hebrew myths and legends, or the history of the First Nation Australians, and handwrite and illustrate Main Lesson books to account their weeks of learning.  The main lesson block assures that students have sufficient time to experience a living process of learning.

Year-long subject courses round out the rest of the day: Languages, craft, music, eurythmy, woodwork, library, and physical education are taught by specialist teachers who also shape their programs around the children’s developmental needs as they evolve through the classes.