School Camps Overview 


Class 1: Sleepover at The Alice Springs Steiner School in the Stone Circle (located near the oval) for 1 night.

Class 2: Sleepover at Simpsons Gap for 1 night.

Class 3: Sleepover at Trephina George for 2 nights.

Class 4: Sleepover and trek at Hamilton Downs for 3 nights. 

Class 5: Sleepover and trek the Larapinta Trail for 3 nights.

Class 6: Sleepover and trek at Uluru for 4 nights. 

Over the 6 years of Primary School, children have a wonderful opportunity to participate in a wide range of outdoor experiences where they can extend school-based curriculum explorations to the broader canvas the Central Australian bush provides.

Camping is a communal activity where many life skills can be taught and practiced. The
child’s school friends and classmates form a microcosm of their wider community, where learning to
live harmoniously in close proximity with friends and neighbours is a noble aspiration and one we
believe is worthy of our best efforts.

“The opportunity to camp with classmates away from the creature comforts and the security of home can be a daunting prospect for some students and their parents, but learning to rely on one’s own resources and those of peers and teachers is a chance to test oneself against the elements in a safe and supported environment.”

– Brian Dodd

Appropriately supervised ‘Rites of Passage’ are disappearing for young people in today’s 
society, with unfortunate consequences for those reaching adolescence and early adulthood having
never been away from home. For our students, learning to be away from home for these short periods
prepares the ground for a time in the future where children will feel confident about stepping up to the
challenges of life in a healthy way.

So many opportunities exist in the camp environment for the children to meet the ‘edge’ of
themselves where they believe they have reached their limits. Watching them reassess the extent of
their capabilities is a great privilege for classmates and teachers to be a part of.

This is not ‘Boot Camp’ we are talking about.

For some children, it is a big enough challenge just to be away from Mum and Dad for one night.
It may also be the case that Mum and Dads find it hard to be away from their children for a night also.
There are no Everest walks or cliff traversing, at least not up to class 6. Rest assured all activities are tailored
to the group’s ability level and carefully supervised. The program is outlined below so that you
can be prepared early.

Focus Skills and Attitudes

  • We wish to develop key survival and camping skills over the 6 years of Primary school
  •  We wish to develop increasing levels of ‘independence’ and foster the capacity of children
    to operate out of their own thinking and feeling.
  • We wish to develop increasing levels of ‘resilience’ in children.
  • We wish to develop a sense of co-operative endeavour in our students, the experience of
    many hands make light work and that work benefits the many, not just the individual.

Parent Participation

In the past, there has been a fairly loose arrangement of parental attendance at camps. This
has certainly facilitated positive social bonds for each of the classes.
But as the school grows, the potential to develop a cohesive and sequenced camping
program is exciting. Having seen the benefits of camping programs in other schools we
understand the enormous enhancement to the curriculum camping brings.
In this respect, we are asking for fewer numbers of parents to attend camps but hope they
are able to stay for the duration of a camp, fulfilling very particular roles such as first aid, coordinating
food prep, firewood collection, water etc.. We will calculate the number of parents
needed using an appropriate adult to child ratio for each class.

Teachers will contact parents to solicit their support with upcoming camps.

  • Parents volunteering with school camps will need to provide the office with their current Ochre Card
  • If transporting children in private vehicles, all details of fully comprehensive insurance will
    need to be provided and a copy of all licenses for persons driving.
  • Communications and First Aid.
  • All Camps will be required to carry a Satellite Phone (for emergencies only) and a fully
    stocked First Aid Kit.