Enrolment Process

The first stage is to contact the school for an information pack.

This pack Includes:

  • Expression of Interest form
  • Parent or Kindy Handbook
  • Waldorf Education booklet

Once the completed ‘Expression of Interest’ form is received:

  • The Expression of Interest form is to be dated, signed, copied and passed onto the appropriate teacher.
  • A teacher will arrange an interview once the time of enrolment nears.
  • If the teacher accepts the child for their class the family will be required to complete an Enrolment Form and pay the Enrolment Fee

At Time of Enrolment:

  1. Check through enrolment forms and ensure everything has been completed and signed.
  2. A copy of the child’s birth certificate or passport & immunisation records must be taken. If the family has chosen not to immunise the child a letter stating that must be given.
  3. If the family has a health care or pensioners card take 2 copies
  4. $200 Enrolment fee per child must be paid.

We invite you to arrange to come on a school tour as soon as possible. A teacher will take you through a selection of classrooms: talk about the education and the philosophy of the school, and answer your questions.

Please call the office to make a booking at your convenience 08 8953 4578.

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